Help your city move beyond food waste

Insights and best practice case studies on how cities across the globe are addressing food waste

Food Rescue: Responding to a Global Pandemic and Beyond

Join us to hear from Beth Fitzpatrick about OzHarvest’s food rescue activities in Australia. Beth shares insights into barriers and success factors for running a food relief charity.

She describes the additional challenges brought about by COVID-19 and how OzHarvest has responded to the pandemic and met increased community demand for food relief. Beth also shares insights into the future of food rescue – touching on the role that technology and innovations can play.

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Upcycling Food Waste

In this webinar, Francesca Goodman-Smith shares how New Zealand’s largest grocery retail business – Foodstuffs NZ – is accelerating the growth of upcycled products. Francesca shares the findings from consumer research into attitudes toward upcycled products.

We discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for upcycling food, as well as, international developments in upcycled food standards.

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Food Waste and Cities: Helping Residents to Source-Separate using Behavioural Science

Cities generate huge volumes of food waste. Many cities provide food recycling collections to their residents. Even with these services, many residents continue to dispose of food into residual waste bins.

Pilots were recently completed across six cities in the Netherlands to find the answers. This pilot tested ten interventions aimed at helping residents to correctly source separate their food waste. Join us to hear about this pilot.

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Reducing Food Waste in Hotels and Restaurants

The coronavirus COVID-19 poses a serious threat to the hospitality industry. A time of crisis can be a threat or an opportunity to create value. One of those opportunities might be to innovate food services disruptively and reduce food waste.

Therefore, this webinar discusses innovation strategies to increase sustainable hospitality development: how to reduce food waste in hotels and restaurants.

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Circular Food

Meat consumption is increasing worldwide. Conventional animal feed products like soya have huge environmental impacts, contributing to climate change and deforestation. Converting surplus food into animal feed offers a sustainable alternative.

This webinar delves into the benefits, risks, practical applications and challenges of turning surplus food into animal feed.

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Role of Packaging in Reducing Food Waste

Food packaging protects the content, extends shelf life, and shares product information. However, packaging also results in waste. To what extent is food packaging creating added value?

This webinar discusses the role of packaging in reducing food waste and what is needed to change towards a more sustainable society. 

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What Can We Learn From France’s Ban on Food Waste

The French love of food has spread all the way to the bin. In 2016, France passed legislation that prohibited supermarkets from throwing away food. The so-called ban made global headlines, and received praise and criticism in equal measure. Three years on, the ban is still in place. But was it really a ban? And what impact has it had?

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TriFOCAL seeking replication cities

Is your city introducing a new food waste collection or making service changes? Looking for new ways to engage with residents? Or want to tackle food waste issues with local businesses, schools and communities? This could be a good opportunity for new communications to your residents.

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