How Compost Helps Feed the Globe and Tackle Climate Change

Kat Heinrich

25 November 2021

Webinar streamed live on 28th October 2021. 

This webinar is for waste professionals, policymakers, and the curious-minded on how compost can help tackle global challenges. Kat Heinrich and Dr Jane Gilbert discuss the role of compost in increasing food security, combating desertification, and helping reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas levels.


They explore this issue from the ground up (excuse the pun!), unpacking:

  • the science behind how compost improves soil health
  • the role of compost in sequestering carbon in the soil
  • the potential global value of compost


Jane Gilbert

Chair, ISWA's Biological Treatment Working Group

Jane Gilbert HeadshotJane originally trained as a microbiologist before entering the world of waste. She is the current Chair of ISWA’s Biological Treatment Working Group and has gained her International Waste Manager status. Jane was a lead author for two ISWA publications in 2020 summarising the benefits of applying compost and anaerobic digestate to soils. Jane is currently working on a number of circular economy projects in Australia, Mongolia and the UK.

“When you think about organics recycling, don’t just think of it from a waste management perspective. You need to think of it as part of a carbon cycle and nutrient cycle”

– Jane Gilbert –

Originally together with be Waste Wise

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