Multi-dimensional Approach to Food Waste Prevention: An Entrepreneur’s Journey
Gijs Langeveld
27 July 2021
Webinar streamed live on 7th July, 2021. 

The hospitality industry and its service providers have been seriously impacted by COVID-19. One opportunity to create value for the industry is to innovate food waste prevention services. In a previous webinar with Gijs Langeveld, we discussed innovation strategies to improve the sustainable hospitality industry.

This time, we focus on the actual implementation of innovation strategies by companies. In this webinar, Gijs Langeveld interviews Benjamin Lephilibert, Managing Director at LightBlue Environmental Consulting.


“Monitor food waste – If you start realizing the amount and type and the reason why food is going to the bin, then you can start this shift of mindset in the way you run your restaurant”

– Benjamin Lephilibert –

Benjamin Lephilibert

Founder and Managing Director, LightBlue Environmental Consulting

Benjamin Lephilibert is the Founder and Managing Director of LightBlue Environmental Consulting, a social enterprise working predominantly on food waste prevention across Asia and Europe with hotel groups (Marriott, Accor, Hyatt), restaurants (Cofoco Denmark, Bo.lan, J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain), international organizations (Michelin Guide Thailand, GIZ Laos, WWF), and government agencies (TCEB). He is an international speaker (50+ international conferences and webinars), guest-lecturer in culinary and business schools (Institut Paul Bocuse, FERRANDI Paris, ESCP Europe), counsellor at Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, solution designer of FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech, co-designer of The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification and benchmarking system, and a certified trainer for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

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