Upcycling Food Waste
Kat Heinrich
6 May 2021

Webinar streamed live on 3rd November, 2020. 

Companies worldwide are cutting food waste by upcycling food. For example, spent grain from brewing beer is being made into snack bars. Similarly, surplus bread is being made into beer. These products create value from the food that would otherwise be wasted.

In this webinar, Francesca Goodman-Smith shares how New Zealand’s largest grocery retail business – Foodstuffs NZ – is accelerating the growth of upcycled products. Francesca shares the findings from consumer research into attitudes toward upcycled products. We discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for upcycling food, as well as, international developments in upcycled food standards.

“Food waste reduction is one of the most tangible things that every single individual can be part of to reduce the impacts of climate change”

– Francesca Goodman-Smith –

Francesca Goodman-Smith

Waste Minimisation Manager, Foodstuffs NZ

Francesca Goodman-SmithFrancesca Goodman-Smith is the Waste Minimisation Manager at Foodstuffs NZ, New Zealand’s largest grocery retail business. Francesca works across the sector as the Industry Representative for the University of Otago’s Food Waste Research Theme, and is the co-chair for the Upcycled Food Standards Committee. Francesca’s MSc research, undertaken at the University of Otago, quantified retail food waste in New Zealand.

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